Oct 202008

Quite bad weather and not better news from London. People here struggle not to lose faith in the SYSTEM while they rush to work in the packed up underground trains which take us to the centre every morning. Many should think that the SYSTEM upon which they have rooted and settled along the years is asking from them what IT should actually be providing, that is ECONOMICAL WELFARE and PEACE. It certainly isn’t. As a matter of fact it is the PEOPLE WEALTH that is being asked to support and sustain the banks that have provided the people with little more than dreams and mortgages. As for PEACE, let’s hope for the best and cross fingers. Economical recease is lurking round the corner and we all know what it could imply in terms of social unrest.

If the outcome of all this is a return to more solid basis,  hard work and economical-social responsibility, be it welcome. Some are turning their heads to Church searching for a comfort that they didn’t seem to need along these last years of spendthrift. The Human Race is a weak one, no question about it.


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