Nov 202008

These are two places in England which are worth visiting : Canterbury Cathedral and Leeds Castle.

Canterbury’s greatest treasure is its magnificent cathedral, the successor to the church St Augustine built after he began converting the English to Christianity in 597. After the martyrdom of Archbishop Thomas Becket in 1170, the cathedral became the centre of one of the most important medieval pilgrimages that was immortalised by Geoffrey Chaucer in The Canterbury Tales. The cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Leeds Castle, set in 500 acres of parkland in the midst of the Kent countryside, takes its name not from the city of Leeds but from its first owner, a man named Leed, or Ledian, who built himself a wooden castle in 857. The castle was a royal residence for six of England’s medieval queens and a palace of Henry VIII. Much of the castle was restored and rebuilt in the 19th century, and many of the lavishly decorated rooms are open to the public.

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