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On many occasions we face the necessity of  either translating a text into our mother tongue or writing it in English. For both tasks there are many very convenient websites who some of you have probably gone through already. Some will have probably used some of the translators offered by some webs which I must warn you about. Not only do they offer a poor or rather non-existent grammar but could also be regarded as dangerous since most of the translations they produce are confusing and can lead to terrible misunderstandings.

I could recommend using the dictionary offered by Google itselt rather than its translator. You just have to click on the underlined word «diccionario». http://www.google.com/intl/es/help/faq_translation.html

You should have enough with this up to intermediate levels, but there are many more. You can try these out:

– as an English.English diccionary:


-for common mistakes:


– for idioms and tricky words:


Enough so long?

Santi G.

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