Abr 302009

Parents often think that friends or drug dealers may have pressured their child into taking drugs. But children say that they choose to use drugs because they want to:

– Relieve boredom
– Feel good
– Forget their troubles and relax
– Have fun
– Satisfy their curiosity
– Take risks
– Ease pain
– Feel grown-up
– Show their independence
– Belong to a specific group and look cool
Parents know their children best and are therefore in the best position to suggest healthy alternatives to doing drugs. Encouraging children to become involved in sports, clubs, music lessons, community service projects, church, and other after-school activities can keep children and teens active and interested, while building their confidence and interpersonal skills. These activities will also bring youth closer to parents and to other adults and peers who can influence them in positive ways.

S.G. (from various sources)

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