Abr 122010

TDT or DTT in English. This acronym stands for «Digital Terrestrial Television». There’s no doubt that some of us are still getting used to the new gadget. Just let me give you one little piece of advise in order to make the most of this last innovation. We now have the oppotunitiy of watching aur favourite American and English TV series in its original language. WOW! Didn’t you know? You just have to press the AUDIO botton («LANG» in some remote controls)and choose the original track. Of course it won’t be the same… It will be much better: more realistic and, needless to say, more useful if we still want to improve our English. Of course, it takes its time and some effort to get used to it but sooner than you might expect your ears will «open» and you will enjoy the original soundtrack almost effortlessly. For starters I recommend using the SUBTITLES, but someday you will get rid of those too.


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