Oct 282010

Yesterday, October 28th, we attended some of the lectures offered by The Townhall on the use of Information Technolgy both inside and outside the school. Quite a troublesome question for us now-a-days. By «us» I mean parents and teachers. The highlights of it all could be concentrated in the following statement: WARNING: DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR KIDS ARE DOING IN FRONT OF THE COMPUTER? Maybe the kids themselves don’t know either. If we believe what the police and other official departments are reporting about the dangers our children face when using the Internet we should be really worried. Don’t rush and switch off you PC!… but don’t forget that the Internet can be a dangerous window into a world we wouldn’t like to see our kids in.

The «Pantallas Amigas» project is trying to give us the information and convenient tools to face the problem. Just «google» the magic words and prevent unnecessary risks.



  2 Responses to “A Word of Warning”

  1. Un pequeño recordatorio, el 17 de febrero de 2010, se celebró en el colegio un curso de Internet seguro.
    Al cual asistimos una docena de padres.
    Muy interesante. Solo duro una semana.
    ¿Se puede organizar otro?…

  2. Aunque la normativa municipal ha sufrido algunos cambios, me consta que la Junta Directiva de la APA está en ello. En breve habrá alguna comunicación al respecto.

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