Nov 212010

A suitable donor has yet to be found for the procedure, which will be carried out by «miracle doctor» Pedro Cavadas at the La Fe Hospital in Valencia.

The Spanish Minister for Health, Social Policy and Equality, Leire Pajín, announced on Tuesday that the world’s first every simultaneous translation of both lower extremities (the legs) would take place in Spain, as soon as a suitable donor has been found.

The procedure will be carried out at the La Fe Hospital in the city of Valencia by a team headed by Dr Pedro Cavadas, the «Miracle Doctor» who also took charge of  Spain’s first ever face transplant and is internationally renowned for performing limb transplants.

During her speech to open the ‘Last Frontiers in Transplant Operations’ conference held at the headquarters of the Ramón Areces foundation in Madrid, Pajín also confirmed that Interterritorial Board of the Transplant Committee had given the go ahead to carry out Spain’s fourth face transplant.

This procedure will also be led by Dr Pedro Cavadas at the La Fe Hospital in Valencia, making it the fourteenth of its kind in the world and the fourth to be carried in Spain, after La Fe, el Virgen del Roció in Seville and Barcelona’s Valle d’Hebrón all performed similar operation in the space of a year.

For the Health Minister, the approval of these two «pioneering» medical interventions are «examples of the vitality of (Spain’s) transplant system, which enables us to incorporate, with great agility, the advances being made anywhere else in the world».

Pajín also underlined that «after performing the first cross-over renal transplant, which enabled two patients to come off kidney dialysis, a few days ago it was announced that in the future we may be able to broaden the possibilities of these types of transplant, even creating chains of donors and recipients.»

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